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Selection. Service. Value. The three main reasons Belmont Beverage has grown to 34 stores in northern Indiana.
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Belmont Beverage – Fort Wayne/Decatur

Belmont Beverage – South Bend/Mishawaka

Chalet Party Shoppe – Goshen/Elkhart/Middlebury

WineStation® Technology at Belmont Beverage









The WineStation® is the world’s first automated temperature-controlled, wine dispensing and preservation system, providing a serving solution and unique try before you buy opportunity for both the discerning to novice wine consumers.

For the first time, guests are able to experience, using the WineStation, a broad range of featured wines invoking a memorable exploration and experience. The Thermo-Electric cooling system and 60 day preservation capabilities of the WineStation assure that each wine is pristine in taste with every pour.

Belmont Beverage at The Shoppes of Scott Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on East Dupont Road in Fort Wayne features twelve bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on Maplecrest Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on Lima Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, and Belmont Beverage located on Cleveland Road in Mishawaka features twelve bottles of wine for customers to engage in on a daily basis, changing the face of what consumers have the ability to taste and influencing the way they make their purchases.

Each unit features four bottles of white wine or four bottles of red wine kept at the perfect temperature! Stop by and check the new WineStations® out for yourself.