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Selection. Service. Value. The three main reasons Belmont Beverage has grown to 34 stores in northern Indiana.
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WineStation® Technology at Belmont Beverage









The WineStation® is the world’s first automated temperature-controlled, wine dispensing and preservation system, providing a serving solution and unique try before you buy opportunity for both the discerning to novice wine consumers.

For the first time, guests are able to experience, using the WineStation, a broad range of featured wines invoking a memorable exploration and experience. The Thermo-Electric cooling system and 60 day preservation capabilities of the WineStation assure that each wine is pristine in taste with every pour.

Belmont Beverage at The Shoppes of Scott Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on East Dupont Road in Fort Wayne features twelve bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on Maplecrest Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, Belmont Beverage located on Lima Road in Fort Wayne features eight bottles of wine, and Belmont Beverage located on Cleveland Road in Mishawaka features twelve bottles of wine for customers to engage in on a daily basis, changing the face of what consumers have the ability to taste and influencing the way they make their purchases.

Each unit features four bottles of white wine or four bottles of red wine kept at the perfect temperature! Stop by and check the new WineStations® out for yourself.

Visit our newly expanded Southgate Plaza location



We invite you to come see the changes we have made to our Belmont Beverage location at Southgate Plaza in Fort Wayne. This store has received a complete makeover to better serve our guests. Our Southgate Plaza location’s square footage has been increased by over 1600 square feet in order to make room for a wider selection of wines, spirits, and craft beers.

Here is what we have done to better serve you at Belmont Beverage at Southgate Plaza:

  • Increased our cooler size from 13 doors to 24 doors of ice cold beverages.
  • Added a 2 door reach-in freezer for your favorite frozen cocktails and ice cold spirits.
  • Increased our selection of fine wines.
  • Doubled the variety of spirits available.
  • Fine Cigars are now available!

“Thank you to Belmont Beverage for your upgrade to the Belmont Beverage at Southgate. Our church gets their wine from that store, but I have always had to leave the neighborhood to get the beer that I wanted. I went to that location tonight, because it is the closest to my house, to get some cold Blue Moon and was so happy to find the tremendous expanded selection! Since I was in a hurry tonight I only added my favorite Dragon’s Milk to the Blue Moon, but we will definitely make that store our first stop for beer, and I am sharing the expanded selection with my Facebook friends and my 4000+ followers on Twitter. We moved from Aboite four years ago to make the south side our home, and I very much appreciate businesses that help strengthen our neighborhoods! Thanks again”Jane Casey, Fort Wayne

Give the gift of beer and wine anytime of the year!

Beer Club and Wine Club memberships make great gifts for birthdays, the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or for any day! Stop by your local Belmont Beverage or Chalet Party Shoppe to learn more about how you can give the gift of a Beer Club and/or Wine Club membership to yourself or someone special. Please select a link below for more information about each club.

Belmont Beverage Beer Club

Belmont Beverage Wine Clubs

Chalet Party Shoppe Beer Club

Chalet Party Shoppe Wine Clubs

If you have any questions about our Beer Club
or our Wine Clubs, please feel free to email us at