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Unlike our website, you must be 21 to enter. 21 years of age is the state requirement whether it’s to purchase alcohol in a store or to be served in a restaurant. At Chalet Party Shoppe, we card everyone who enters our store. Not only do we card in order to “flatter” many of our customers, but to insure that everyone who is served is of legal age. Please be sure to bring your official state ID every time you stop in.

What does a keg cost?
How do I “Mix A Six” of micros or imported beers?
How many ounces are there in a bottle of liquor?
Drink recipes always call for “a shot”! Just how much is “a shot”?
I’ve seen the “Belmont Beverage/Chalet Party Shoppes” wine tote. What makes it so special?
Are Gift Cards available?

As you can imagine, prices vary depending on the abrand and size of keg. While you will have to call for specific pricing, there are a couple of constants. The deposit on the actual keg (in addition to the actual cost) is $30.00 and the deposit on a pump (if needed) is $40.00. Deposits are refunded in full when returned.

You’ll find most are available in 6 packs as well as by the bottle. Just grab an empty 6 pack container (or two) and fill it up as you see fit. We’ll discount your purchase 10% at the time of check-out. Try six completely different bottles or two of three different kinds so you and your friends can have their very own beer tasting. If you decide to purchase twelve bottles of beer you will receive a 15% discount at the time of check-out.

“A shot” is 1½ ounces of the required spirit. Alcohol and fertilizer are two great examples of where “more isn’t better”. Too much of either will ruin the drink or your front yard, so please pay attention to the directions.

Bring in a wine tote receive a 15% discount on 6 bottles of non-sale items.Enjoy the savings while making the world a little greener!

Indeed they are! You can order one online to be mailed to a place of your choosing or pick one up at your nearest location. Our gift card is the perfect “anytime” gift, and can be purchased in any amount. We like to make gift giving easy.

Have something specific you want to ask or report? Feel free to contact us at our Corporate Offices.

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